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The Church Of The Resurrection

The Monastery Of St. Michael Of The Golden Domes


The church was built in the second half of the seventeenth century, altered in the eighteenth century, the church and the belfry were demolished in the mid-1930s.

To the north of the Bratskyi Monastery, on the corner of Spaska (Heroiv Revolutsii) and Mezhyhirska Streets, was the Baroque Church of the Resurrection. The original building of that name already existed in the fifteenth century. In the first decade of the sixteenth century Evstakhyi Dashkevych, who, in an alliance with the Crimean Tartars had twice attacked Muscovy, built a new wooden church. A masonry church in the then popular Baroque style was built either by a well-to-do Kievan burgher Mykhailo Hrek (1670) or by another Kievan named Mykhailo Rodzynskyi (1698). The architectural composition of the new masonry building followed the traditional Greek cross plan with five cupolas and facades typical of Hetman Mazepa's period. The masonry church was repaired in 1732 by grant of the regimental aide-de-camp (osaul) Pavlo Hudyma and in the 1760s by architect Hryhorovych-Barskyi.
In 1809, a neo-classical belfry, designed by Andrii Melenskyi, was constructed over the entry to the church yard. Though the church building's five cupolas were replaced in 1886 by one dome, the facades of the original Baroque structure, its cornices, pilasters with picturesque capitals, mouldings, and window platbands were well preserved. The interior's iconostasis was of no particular interest.
The Church of the Resurrection was demolished in the mid-1930s. On April 25,1932 the church was photographed by K. Kozlovskyi of the Kiev Regional Inspectorate of the Preservation of the Monuments of Culture. By the late 1930s it had disappeared from the Podil; it is listed among those that do not exist. No information is available on the dismantling of this architectural landmark. According to Soviet Ukraine's June 16,1926 legislation its demolition must have been approved by the Commissar of Education of the Soviet Ukraine.

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