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St. Irene's Column
(Irynynska Kolona)

The Monastery Of St. Michael Of The Golden Domes


The Church of St. Irene, built in the eleventh century, remains excavated and preserved in the 18303, demolished in 1934.

Prince Yaroslav the Wise, founder of St. Sophia Cathedral, built a church near the Cathedral and dedicated it to St. Irene, patron saint of his wife. The eleventh century structure was destroyed during the Mongol invasion of the thirteenth century. In the seventeenth century its ruins were incorporated in the defensive earth ramparts of the Uppertown, and only during the 1830s was the site excavated. Unfortunately, local proposals for St. Irene's ruins' preservation were rejected by the Tsarist Antiquities Committee of Moscow.
The one remaining pier of the church, which had originally supported the dome of the medieval building, was nevertheless preserved and covered by a Russian-style steeple. The so-called St. Irene column stood in the pavement of the Volodymyrska Street, one block from the St. Sophia Cathedral. In 1934, at the direction of Ryzhkov, Chairman of the Kiev City Council, St. Irene's Column, viewed as a potential traffic hazard, was demolished. In an attempt to salvage the remains of the structure, Prof. Ipolyt Morhilevskyi proposed that the column be cut and relocated to the St. Sophia courtyard. This recommendation was approved by the Architectural Planning Administration of the Kiev City Council but was ultimately rejected by the chairman of the City Council. The column was demolished, and the area subsequently paved.

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