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The Church Of St. George

The Monastery Of St. Michael Of The Golden Domes


Built in 1744-52, altered in the nineteenth century, demolished 1934.

Close to the walls of the St. Sophia courtyard and about half a block from St. Irena's Column, on the ruins of the medieval Church of St. George, a new church of the same name was built in' the seventeenth century. The wooden church was replaced by a masonry structure in 1744-52, and after additional nineteenth century modifications, the exterior of the Church of St. George unfortunately lost its Baroque character. St. George's interior had a very fine Rococo iconostasis and a neo-classical tomb of the Walachian leader Constantine Ypsilanti, who died in Kiev in 1816. Its interior wall murals of Ukrainian folk motifs were executed by the well known painter I. S. Yizhakevych.
In 1934, the church and the medieval foundations below it were demolished by construction crews- Both the iconostasis and the tomb of Ypsilanti were also destroyed. The Institute of Material Culture was studying the construction site and even published a report on its studies, but no survey or meaningful archeological record of the foundations of the medieval structure was done before they were demolished. An apartment building for female government workers was constructed on the site. Due to the large volume of the new apartment building (by architect Iosyf Yu. Karakis) and its location at the end of historic Zolotovoritska Street, the view of St. Sophia Cathedral from the city's main gate (the Golden Gate) was destroyed.

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