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The Church Of The Presentation At The Temple

The Monastery Of St. Michael Of The Golden Domes


Built in the middle of the nineteenth century, demolished in the mid-1930s.

On the site of the old western gates, presently Lvivska Square, four streets of the Uppertown converge. Facing the square, between Velyka Zhytomyrska and Stritenska Streets, was the Church of the Presentation. This church has a long history. A plan of Baroque Kiev of 1695 shows on its site a wooden church with one cupola. In 1752 a new wooden church replaced the old structure and in the middle of the nineteenth century a masonry building of neo-Byzantine style was constructed.
In the mid-1930s, as part of the reconstruction of the areas adjoining the proposed Capital Center, the narrow, two-block-long Stritenska Street was supposed to be widened and extended through the St. Sophia courtyard (St. Sophia's dormitory building of 1763-67 was to be demolished) to the Capital Center. Lvivska Square was also to be reconstructed. In preparation for the projected public works that never materialized, the Stritenska Church was demolished. Former residents of Kiev recall that the church in Lvivska Square was particularly disliked by the atheist authorities because it attracted many worshippers. No information is available on the date and circumstances of the demolition of this church.

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