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The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin or Church of the Tithes

The Monastery Of St. Michael Of The Golden Domes


Built in 1828-42, demolished in 1935.

The Church of the Tithes, was the first masonry church of medieval Kiev. Built by Byzantine craftsmen, it was completed in 996. The historic structure was destroyed during the Mongol attack of 1240 but its ruins were preserved through the following centuries. In the beginning of the nineteenth century a decision was made to build a new church on the original site of the Church of the Tithes. A design developed by architect Andrii I. Melelenskyi was turned down by the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts and V. P. Stasov of St. Petersburg was commissioned to build the new church. Stasov designed an unattractive structure (1828-42) which has the dubious distinction of being the first church building in Ukraine of the so called "Byzantine-Russian" style.
In the 1920s, according to the decision of the All-Ukrainian Central Executive Committee, the Church of the Tithes and the surrounding historical area of the oldest part of the Uppertown was closed for worship and turned over to the Regional Inspectorate of the Preservation of the Monuments of Culture. By 1930 the Archeological Committee of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences was formulating proposals to convert the eclectic structure into an architectural museum where the discoveries from the archeological excavations of the Uppertown could be exhibited."
In 1935, in connection with the commencement of the realization of the grand plans for the reconstruction of the Ukrainian capital, the nineteenth century Church of the Tithes - as a building of no artistic merit-was pulled down. The vacant site of the church is one of the tourist sites of contemporary Kiev.

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